The Robofusion Story

Technology is changing the way that we live and is rapidly replacing the idea of customer service with on-demand, customized-my-way, self-service. Consumers demand customization in everything they buy and they want it yesterday. Robofusion® understands this dynamic and is uniquely positioned to take advantage of this paradigm shift. Robofusion, Inc. is the leader in Robotic Kiosks that provide a Groundbreaking, Interactive, User Experience.


We believe that prepackaged ice cream from a freezer or through a static vending machine has a very limited shelf-life in the wake of changing consumer expectations. We decided to break the mold. We developed the world’s first and only commercial Robotic Ice Cream Kiosks. And just recently, we announced the commercialization of Rēis & Irvy’s™! Design your own frozen yogurt treat from our kiosks.


With Robofusion Kiosks, consumers are in control. Our Kiosks give them the ability to design their own 5-layer Ice Creams or 4-layer Yogurts based on a number of delicious ice creams/yogurts and topping options. Once designed, our Robot puts on a show by getting their souvenir cup and filling it to their exact specifications – right in front them.

User Experience.

We fuse technology and fun in a way that delivers a unique consumer experience. Robofusion Kiosks are a revolutionary entertainment system that bring excitement to our favorite desserts.


Innovation is our core competency. We are never satisfied with the status quo and are always pushing the envelope – from the seeming impossible to reality.